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I’d like to give a testimonial – this is a great product! I’m so glad to have found you! My 31 year old Connemara pony has had coffin bone rotation since she was a weanling due to contracted tendons that she had surgery for. For most of her life it was managed well and of no consequence. This past winter she rotated more in one foot. Corrective shoeing was tried, with no results. I began to experiment with things myself, so that I could continue to rasp and shape her foot between trims. I found the Hoof Slipper and continued experimenting with padding – including pool noodles, exercise half rounds, closed cell foam, etc. – and finally found Happy Hoof Pads. These have the effect that I’ve been looking for! Thank you for this great product. As I reviewed your website, I only wish I had found you a few years ago, when I was helping my other horse to transition from being shod to barefoot. Your system makes all the sense in the world.

Lisa, NH


Just a note to say thanks for doing this. My wonderful foxtrotter mare got bruised when I over-rode her during transition to barefoot, and she and I are both very pleased to have found your helpful site. She’s teaching me how to read the pads, and if I pay attention she’s comfortable enough that she moves around more, therefore circulating, therefore growing foot, therefore healing.

Layne, NV



I am so happy that I found Happy Hoof Pads for my horse.  My horse was so uncomfortable from an abscess.  The yellow pad enabled my horse to move around and graze.  Before putting the yellow pad on he just laid around.


TJ Minnesota


I didn’t see how a 3/8 inch pad would be able to get Fancy up and moving.  Fancy was up and grazing.  As soon as I saw where the abscess was going to come out I cut that area of the pad away.  That greatly helped her comfort.  I will not be without the yellow pads on the next abscess.


Terri, NM



Cheyenne has had her shoes pulled and I’m using the Happy Hoof Pads and Equine Slippers.  Those slippers and pads are the best invention!  Cheyenne is doing very well.

Janet, TX


Going Barefoot

I tried several times to get the shoes off my foundered horse.  She wasn’t willing to put weight in the hoof without a shoe.  With a deformed hoof a boot wouldn’t fit.  By taping on the pads to the hoof my horse is able to transition to being barefoot.

Stephanie, CA


For years I have been paying $175 to trim and re-shoe or $300 for new shoes and a trim.  Thanks to the pads I have saved a tremendous amount of money and the best part is my horse is more comfortable.

Thanks so much,

Chris, TN


Shoes, shoes with dental impression, pads or heel wedges nothing helped my horse’s comfort like Happy Hoof Pads.  My horse is up more then she is down now that the shoes are off and pads are on.  I have been able to lower her daily dosage of bute.  I am so excited to see how much more comfortable my horse is.

Stormy says thank you.

Jane, MA

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