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Here are guidelines to help with choosing the pad for your horse's hoof issue:

hoof pads for horses
horse hoof pads

These pictures will show how to apply:

horse hoof pads

Place the pad(s) under the horse’s foot. Make sure that the horse is comfortable on the pad. Use a pencil to trace the edges of the horse’s foot on the pad*If using a boot or slipper cut the pad to the interior size. This measurement can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

eva foam pads for horses feet hoof boots

The pad can be cut 1/4 inch larger at the toe. Kitchen shears or bandage scissors work the best in cutting the pad down

in size.

horse hoof pads laminitis

There should be about ¼” to ½ “ of toe of pad showing. Don’t worry at this point if the tape covers the hairline.

The excess tape is to be cut from above the hairline after the taping process of the hoof wall, with about ¼” of the width of the tape on the sole, the remainder of the tape securing the pad and the hoof wall together. Be careful not to cover the bulbs of the heels. Once these four pieces of tape are applied, additional tape may be wrapped around, over and under the pad and hoof to create a tape boot. The tape will create a sole to protect the pad. After the taping process, carefully cut away any tape that is covering the hairline. The tape should only make contact with the hoof wall and below the bulbs of the heels.

The pads are most often attached by using inexpensive brand of duct tape. Have three 12” to 14” sections of tape torn off and handy for quick use when pads are being applied. Quick access will be necessary and beneficial. To attach, apply one of the pieces of tape horizontally across the pad just back from the toe. The mid point of the tape should be positioned over the mid point of the pad in said position. Holding both ends of the tape, keep the pad centered over the hoof, (with the foot being held in the air, knee bent and leg parallel to the ground), pull the tape tight and criss-cross over the toe of the dorsal wall.

hoof pads for horses

A second length of tape is to be placed horizontally across the pad, but with about half the width hanging off the heel of the pad. The mid point of the tape will be centered over the mid point of the pad. Holding each end of the tape so that the ends of the tape wrap forward over the sides and toe of the hoof wall. The third section of the tape is applied horizontally across the mid point of the center section of the pad. As with the other sections, apply pressure downward and let the ends of the tape adhere straight up the sides of the hoof. Again, don’t worry about the hair line

being covered.

To apply without tape use a Deluxe Slipper.

Deluxe Equine hoof slipper, hoof pads

To make pad wearing easier by using the Deluxe Equine Slipper.  Cut pad to fit inside the slipper and apply to the hoof.  

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