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This is the pad for laminitis, founder, abscessing and transitioning to hard ground. All support, but it does still provide a certain amount of cushion. Primary purpose is to support the bony column.

The 8# RWB provides maximum stimulation of frogs, bars and sole.


It is excellent at expelling abscesses.  A hole can be cut into the pad to relieve the abscess area.  See picture above for an example.


8# RWB can be used as a base pad to help lengthen the useful life of the top pad and it provides a somewhat cushioned base for the horse to stand on. Example would be to put a 1/2″ blue on top for cushion with the yellow under to lengthen the life. The 8# RWB is used as the primary base pad for the founder pads.


Great pad for hoof boots when the horse just can’t take the hardness of the sole of a boot. Usually the last pad used when transitioning the hoof from shoes to hard ground.


***Slipper size vs pad size: Small slipper takes Small pad, Small/Medium takes Medium pad, Medium slipper takes Large pad, Large slipper takes X-Large pad.    *** Slippers Sold individually.



Small 4.75" x 5", Medium 5.25" x 5.5", Large 5.5" x 6", X-Large 9"x9", XX-Large 11.75" x 11.75"




8# Red, White & Blue (RWB) Pad – Laminitis & Abscesses

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